The registrar has been announced as the alternative company to provide registration of .bg IDN domains, only the interesting thing is that the particulars in and through the IDN acquisitions do not really fall inline with the final idea of the ICANN overseeing authority – namely, seems so concerned with ‘yo0u’ domain, that it actually restricts all access (i.e. oriflame domain blocked on more than 1 cyrillic occasion/occurrence) to latin (originally serviced at – the main BG registry) originated names even barely resembling or sounding similarly in cyrillic. The cyrillic name distribution process is such: the enrollment of each of yo0u cyrillic domains involves a parallelly ongoing arbitration (if any in ‘yo0u’s sense at all), after which all duplicated (if the focus falls on soundalikes) names, the emphasis for which is on privately marked domains already registered with latin characters, are perished. However, folks are not at all acquainted with, nor it is in any fashion clear how and if spontaneously emerged phonetic clones (cyrillic pairs) could be indemnified, why must the entity and/or the reserved trademark finance all indemnified versions and under which circumstances is purchasing a ‘lookalike’ exempt (usage of which might or might not be allowed if any advertisement shiftthrough at all). Focus on yo0u IDN – yo0u appears Not.